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C# – Learning a new Language

Why for me, although I have a UI background?

I work for a company called Toluna. The company has a vision that everyone should be excellent in everything so that in the time of crisis in Production, anyone available could jump in and start addressing the issue. Sounds good, right? Believe me the idea of the managemnt is definitely not to make every developer “Jack of all trades master of none“.

It can be a good idea, if executed properly and the developers are given enough time and support to get into new technologies initially. At least I believe that.

I am a UI developer having years of experince in various UI technologies. I always prefer to learn a technologies which aids my existing experience and help me to achieve new heights on that. I love to work any UI technologies and related backend technologies like NodeJs. Would love to work on ReactNative if my project/company needs a mobile developer. I am confident I can be in the level of a very good productive developer in no time.

C# is a different challenge for me for below reason

  • Its not related to UI
  • Its a language like Java where you need to know everything before you can be considered a good developer. In short not a scripting language
  • I had very little interest in the past to learn this.


Now my employer needs this and as I get my bread and butter from them, heck yes. Lets learn it.

Next many blog posts will be dedicated to C#. I will write down everything that I learn in next few days/weeks.

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