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Why should you donate used books?

When you give books to scrap vendors

Most of the time the books are crushed to create paper pulp to make cheaper things like carton, packaging materials, etc. destroying the real value of books. Please do not sell books to scrap vendors unless it's completely unusable.

Second set of books help parents to teach their children at home better.

Every parent know how helpful it is if a second set of books is at home. It helps them to teach their children better if a spare set of books is at disposal.

When an extra set of books is there at home, children do not need to carry it to/from school everyday.

When there is an extra set of books at home, children do not need to carry the books everyday from/to school so that they could revise at home. It's a pain for the small kids to carry such heavy loads every day.

Many unused books create clutter at home.

Our homes are already cluttered with many things. Tens of books and notebooks every year create an extra mess and attract many types of bugs & termites too unless used regularly.

It feels good when we help someone. Books donation is of another level of help.

In Indian culture, donation is considered a holy thing. Books donation takes it to the next level. It feels good when you donate books!

Because your child deserves to get rid of extra weight of school books

Donate books to help others and get help from others!!

Before calling us

There are many other ways to give away books than through ItsStudyTime.com

Do you know many parents post their requirements of second set of books on Facebook, Whatsapp groups?
- If you see someone has posted a message on Facebook asking for class books.
- Many parents also post messages in the WhatsApp groups. If you happen to be part of such a group and see a message there, maybe they live close to you and are genuinely need those books. Please connect to them.
In all other cases, We will pick up the books and handover those to needy children or we will connect parents to you so that they will contact you and get the books from you.

What happens once we pick up the books?

We add your books to the available books list on our website.

We check your books. Sometimes we fix minor wear and tear. Then we list the books on our website as available books.

Your books are given to children/parents absolutely free!

Once a book is available in the website, any parents who need book can contact us and take one book or the set of books for a class absolutely free!

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