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New Version is Released

ItsStudyTime.com version 2.0

We are pleased to announce; we have a new version of ItsStudyTime.com live.

We had started this as a small project six months back for a single child to ease her revision/practice efforts and now we are proud to see, hundreds of children are using it, revising through it.

New features:

1. A new and enhanced leaderboard:

Your child will be greeted with a score after the quiz is over and a leaderboard will be presented with the score details of other students in the class. Instant test results encourage students to perform better.

2. Seamless Subjects and Lessons arrangements:

The new design arranges the subjects and lessons in a seamless manner, removing the clutters. With a left side menu, now it’s super easy to access subjects and lessons in a single place. Now multi-level linking and clicking are removed — a cleaner approach for the benefits of the students.

3. Faster server:

Now with a better-powered server, response time will be better than before. A faster server helps in the quicker study.

4. Regular updates:

We have added a new feature to send emails on the progress of students. We will keep you updated with your child’s progress on study regularly. We help Informed parents take better decisions.

5. Thousands of new Questions:

We have added thousands of new and curated questions for the practice/revision of your child. We have reviewed previous questions by experts to remove any errors/mistakes for the benefits of children – curated questions for the children.

6. New feature to report a question:

When a child/parent believes that there is an issue in the question, they can easily report it for the review by our editors and fix it. In case of a non-issue, we will send an explanation of why it’s correct— a still better environment to practice and clear doubts.

7. Previous years question papers and worksheets:

You do not have to look for previous years question papers and worksheets. We are adding all these on availability basis in the materials section of the class for easy access — less struggle for the parents to help their children.
8. Ex-teachers are now editors to curate the question sets:
Few similar-minded, experienced ex-teachers have joined hands to curate questions and create contents. Better contents every day for children!

9. A dedicated developer:

We have a dedicated developer helping us to change features/pages faster. An ever-changing portal for betterment!

10. All this for free

Its free for the children to revise and excel in class.

1. All in our team members are like-minded and everyone wants to help the children. You will be amazed to see the spirit of the small but enthusiastic team.
2. We have kept all the expenses minimal.
3. The main motto of starting this was to help students in excelling in their studies without burning a hole in their parent’s pocket.

Did you know:

1. When you pay Rs 80,000/Year as fees to the school, you pay roughly Rs 70 for every hour to the school. (I know you pay much more when everything is included, let’s consider this amount for easy calculations)

Rs 80,000 ÷ 230 (schools days/year) ÷ 5 (classes/day)

If the current lockdown situation continues for a year, you will be paying nearly Rs 120/for every hour your child studies through an online class provided by the school.

Rs 80,000 ÷ 230 (schools days/year) ÷ 3 (classes/day)

2. A reputed tuition teacher charges Rs 2000 every month for eight classes in a month. That is like Rs 250 for every class they take.

We will be excited to hear your suggestion and would also be equally eager to address your concern. Please send us an email or send us a message on WhatsApp or Call us.

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