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WhatFix interview questions and my experience

I had the first round of interviews with WhatFix, Bangalore in January 2021.

This was a scheduled interview which was supposed to be held at 5 pm. I joined the hangout at 5 PM and waited for almost 10 minutes before contacting HR. The HR (Mr. Sundar) was a super nice person. He connected with the interviewer. The interviewer joined at around 5:20 PM.

The Interviewer was taking interview from home. The internet was very slow, most probably it was mobile internet(Please spend some money to compensate employees on a better internet connection. It costs very less but the productivity will increase multifold for sure, so much better ROI). I was not able to hear what he was asking for most of the time as the voice was breaking continuously.

I asked his personal number and called in that at the end to at least I could hear what he was asking.

Overall, it was not a great experience on the way the scheduled interview was conducted.

Anyways, companies/interviewers grow over time and improve their processes gradually.

The interview went like below.

  1. Tell me about youself?
  2. Tell me about the current project you are working on?
  3. How does redux work?
  4. What is the difference between async and defer?
  5. What is the difference between import and require?
  6. What is box model?
  7. What all options are there for box-sizing?
  8. What is the difference between display: hidden and display: none ?
  9. What is curry function?
  10. Write a function which will curry any given function?
  11. How does the browser work?
  12. What happens when I write google.com on browser address bar and press enter?
  13. What will you do for componentWillUnmount in functional component?
  14. What is debounce in Javascript? Write a small code for it.

Mostly it was a memory test. If you go through GitHub or any online question banks for interviews you can pass the interview round with flying colors.

Here is a video by Ben Awad, on why Coding interviews are broken. This is highly applicable to most Indian interviews.

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