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How to recover WiFi password using command line

Open command prompt

Type netsh and enter

Type wlan show profile and enter. This is to list all the WiFi the system had connected to.

Lets say we want to reveal the password of Iron Bridge,

We run following command wlan show profile “Iron Bridge” key=”clear”

and Voila!! The password is now revealed.


10 Essential Tips for Writing Clean and Efficient Code

  1. Use meaningful variable and function names: Choosing descriptive and clear names for variables and functions makes it easy for others to understand your code and also for yourself to read and maintain it.
  2. Keep your code organized: Organize your code into small, manageable chunks, with clear and meaningful indentation. This makes it easy to find and understand specific sections of your code.
  3. Comment your code: Leave comments in your code to explain what it does, why it does it, and any special considerations to keep in mind.
  4. Follow a consistent coding style: Stick to a consistent coding style throughout your project. This makes it easier for others to read and understand your code.
  5. Avoid using global variables: Global variables can make your code hard to understand and test. Instead, use local variables and pass them as arguments to functions.
  6. Use functions and objects: Functions and objects make it easy to reuse code and encapsulate data and functionality.
  7. Avoid using hard-coded values: Instead, use constants or variables to store values that may change in the future. This makes it easy to change the value in one place and have it propagate throughout the codebase.
  8. Test your code: Test your code thoroughly to ensure that it works as expected and to catch any bugs early on.
  9. Use version control: Use a version control system to keep track of changes to your code and collaborate with other developers.
  10. Keep your code simple: Avoid overcomplicating your code. Keep it simple and easy to understand.

By following these tips, you can write clean and efficient code that is easy to read, understand, and maintain. This not only makes your code more robust, but also allows for easy collaboration and scalability. Remember to always strive for simplicity and consistency in your code.


C# – Learning a new Language

Why for me, although I have a UI background?

I work for a company called Toluna. The company has a vision that everyone should be excellent in everything so that in the time of crisis in Production, anyone available could jump in and start addressing the issue. Sounds good, right? Believe me the idea of the managemnt is definitely not to make every developer “Jack of all trades master of none“.

It can be a good idea, if executed properly and the developers are given enough time and support to get into new technologies initially. At least I believe that.

I am a UI developer having years of experince in various UI technologies. I always prefer to learn a technologies which aids my existing experience and help me to achieve new heights on that. I love to work any UI technologies and related backend technologies like NodeJs. Would love to work on ReactNative if my project/company needs a mobile developer. I am confident I can be in the level of a very good productive developer in no time.

C# is a different challenge for me for below reason

  • Its not related to UI
  • Its a language like Java where you need to know everything before you can be considered a good developer. In short not a scripting language
  • I had very little interest in the past to learn this.


Now my employer needs this and as I get my bread and butter from them, heck yes. Lets learn it.

Next many blog posts will be dedicated to C#. I will write down everything that I learn in next few days/weeks.